Our Philosophy

We respect our client's confidentiality and provide highest standard of services with honesty and integrity...

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Our Approach

We understand our valuable clients are, invariably, concerned about business interruption...

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Core Values

Integrity, objectivity, due care, confidentiality, professional competence and behavior are our core values...

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Our People

Our qualified professionals with diversified experience are able to meet entrepreneurs’ needs...

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The world’s marketplace has undergone massive change in recent years as traditionally strong economies have adjusted, firstly to downturn and latterly, to the slow pace of recovery, while emerging economies, such as Pakistan, have been a key factor in generating increased global competition.

Underlying this picture is a continually changing regulatory environment which demands that companies have access to advice which will help them adapt to the new financial landscape and adopt strategies to mitigate the risks associated businesses.

Each stakeholder in business has vision to position its business at high levels. This is possible only if those charged with governance and management of the business has sufficient guidance and professional advices on governance, compliance with requirements of regulatory authorities risk identification and mitigation, and designing the process and controls, that detects and prevents risks to businesses.

JConsulting has qualified professionals with diversified experience and with its association with local and international organizations, is able to meet entrepreneurs’ needs in a variety of areas using sophisticated approaches to information acquisition, analysis and the development of unique insight and provide consulting enabling businesses to meet challenges of modern era for its sustainability and growth.